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Name:A. N. Athema
Location:United States of America
New and improved! Now with more words!

I choose to write in a public space hoping to find people of like mind who might actually want to have a cuppa (beverage of choice) from time-to-time.

Interests (139):

abandoned houses, add, aging, androgyny, anthropology, anti-declawing, anti-racism, antisexism, art, art deco, artists, atheism, atheist nexus, atheists, bi, bisexual, bisexuality, black and white photography, black cats, blueberries, books, botany, brain chemistry, calypso, catamounts, cats, childfree, chocolate, class, coastlines, compassion, conversation, creative writing, cross-cultural communication, culture, deconstructing gender, dilute calicos, dilute torties, dragonflies, edible landscaping, environment, etymology, farmers markets, fat acceptance, felines, feminisms, film, fog, food not lawns, foraging, forests, frida kahlo, friends, funk, gender, glasgow, halloween, happiness, heirloom plants, hellboy, hiking, history, holding hands, homesteading, horticulture, hugs, human rights, humour, ireland, james whale, jonathan coulton, josephine baker, kites, kittens, lakes, landscaping for wildlife, laughter, literature, love, mangos, movies, music, native plants, nature photography, ndns, non-monogamy, npr, organic gardening, p-funk, pansexual, pansexuality, perennial vegetables, permaculture, photography, plants, poetry, polyamory, polyamoury, pro-choice, psychology, puns, queer, race, rainbows, ruins, satires, science fiction, scotland, scots, sensuality, skeptic movement, skepticism, spicy food, spring, starting new online journals, sunrise, sunset, sunshine, surrealism, sustainability, sustainable landscape design, sustainable landscapes, terry pratchett, the boondocks, the ocean, thunderstorms, touch, traveling, ugly betty, vermont, water, waterfalls, web design, wildflowers, wildlife, women of color, world, world history, writing
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